Alternative for travelling cheap. How to get to Buenos Aires International Airport for less than Us$ 12

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For many people living outside the City of Buenos Aires, either in the surroundings or in the outskirts of the province of Buenos Aires, is not easy nor cheap to get to Buenos Aires International Airport Ministro Pistarini (most well-known as Ezeiza Airport).  On one side, it becomes quite an ordeal to get there because if you do not live nearby the main transportation you have to make a few stops and transfers  before getting to the actual bus that will take you to the airport, and, on the other side, if you want to get there straight the best way of doing so is by taxi cab but this is not cheap at all. In my case, it costs around $ARS 1000 to get to Ezeiza from my city. That would be around Us$ 60.

If you are a foreigner visiting Argentina it can be quite confusing to understand and find a way to get to downtown Buenos Aires. In this post I will try to clarify this for you and I will try to show you the best and cheapest way to get to the Paris of  South America.

So to get to Bs.As International Airport you can either take a regular bus which is cheap but not very comfortable or quick; you can use the services of Tienda Leon which is kinda cheap but not quick since it works like a shuttle where they pick up all the passengers that bought a ticket on their way to the airport so it takes a while to get there and by ‘a while’ I mean more than 2 hours or, you can take a cab which is quite expensive.

To tell you the truth, neither of this options looks appealing to me. Luckily for many of us, there is a bus service that has been on for a while now, called ArBus. This bus connects Bs.As International Airport Jorge Newbery ( a secondary international airport in the city of Buenos Aires mostly used for domestic flights and flights to limiting countries. It is most well-known as Aeroparque Airport) with EZE airport. And…wait for it… wait for it, the best part is that it only costs $ARS 200! That would be a little less than 12 US dollars.

What is ArBus?

ArBus is a bus service run by the Argentinian company Intercargo. This service operates all year long between Jorge Newbery Airport and certain point in the City of Buenos Aires (Retiro, Centro, Pacífico, Belgrano, Alto Palermo y Puente Saavedra), as well as, connecting the two International Airports in the city, Jorge Newbery (AEP) and Ministro Pistarini (EZE). All the information in this article will be concerned about this last route.

As regards the internal tracks in the City of Bs.As, the ticket costs $ARS 75, around 4 American Dollars. If you want to know more about the local routes in the City of Buenos Aires (CABA) and their discounts click here. (This website is available in english).

What is great about this service is that you will be travelling with people that are in the same situation than you. This doesn’t occur in a regular bus for instance. Another good aspect of it, is that you have a lot of space for you luggage so you can travel comfortably and the bus has wi-fi connection as well as air-conditioning.

Where can I take the ArBus?

You can take it either at Jorge Newbery Airport (this is where the route begins) in the section of National Arrivals = Arribos Nacionales, at Terminal A. When you are on your way from Bs.As Downtown to the Airport this is the first Terminal you will see.

You can also catch it at Terminal Puerto Madero at Madero 695. It is located in front of a huge theater called Luna Park. You will find the bus at dock number 2.

These are the only two stops the bus makes before leaving to Ezeiza Airport.

The other way around. If you take it from Ministro Pistarini Airport (Eze) to Downtown Buenos Aires, you can find the stop outside Terminal C, in one of the corners. In front of the only coffee shop at that Terminal.

Which are the stops on the way Ezeiza- Bs.As Downtown?

On your way back you can stop at San Telmo, Obelisco, Retiro, Recoleta, Palermo and finally Aeroparque.

How much does it cost and how can I pay for it?

The ticket costs $ARS 200, around 12 US dollars. You can pay for it with a SUBE card if you have one. (A SUBE card is the card used in Buenos Aires to travel by bus, trains and subway. You can purchase it from an official store and top it up). If you don’t have this card  you can buy the ArBus tickets at any of the oficial sell points at AEP, EZE or Terminal Madero. Here you can pay with any payment method you like. Finally, you can also make an online purchase in ArBus official webpage.

Kids under 3 do not have to pay.




ArBus has a fixed timetable that you can check here.

How long does the trip AEP- EZE take ?

It takes around one hour from Aep Airport to Eze. From Terminal Puerto Madero to EZE it takes around 45 minutes. Once the bus takes the motorway it doesn’t stop at all and you get to the airport really quickly. It is very convenient.

Did someone say DISCOUNTS?

If you are a foreigner, most of them may not apply to you. Anyways, I will mention here the ones you may be able to use.

For local routes, inside Bs.As city: $ARS 15 for any passenger that gets on the bus with a folding bake (this is only available for SUBE users)#BiciAmigable Fare.

$ARS 15 for Jorge Newbery Airport employees and the airlines which hold conventions with ArBus (this is only available for SUBE users.)


For the route AEP-Terminal Madero- EZE  this beneficiaries only pay $ARS 108.

All the information presented in this article is up to the date of the publishing date.

For more information or to confirm any modification, please visit the official website ArBus   or contact ArBus staff on their Facebook page through the message service. The service they provide on this last platform is really amazing. Employees are really attentive and they answer quickly. If you have any doubt you can message them there.

The Cover page image is property of Ar Bus.

With love, from one traveler to you.


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