Travellers’ dream come true: showers and a hotel inside the airport by Premium Traveller.

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I have always asked myself why there is no place at airports where you can pay to sleep the night or to get a nice hot shower before taking your next flight. Mostly, thinking about really huge airports that have a big flow of people coming and going everywhere in the world.

There are the famous VIP waiting rooms or lounges offered by different airlines to all their first class passengers or by some credit cars companies. Even though these are good options they are no good to me since I never fly first class nor hold a credit card that opens the doors of one of these VIP lounges.

I can’t imagine what do passengers with an eight, ten or twelve hours stop do at the airport, wandering around, as Tom Hanks did in the movie ‘The Terminal’. I know most of them leave the airport and venture into the city  or they rent a room outside the airport to sleep for some hours before their flight departs. But there are many others that don’t leave the airport. They take some work to do or roam around checking the stores or they simply have a nap in a not so comfortable chair at the airport.

Well, one day it was my time to discover what to do with a twelve hours stop. I had a twelve hours stop at the airport of Barajas in Madrid, Spain. Twelve hours!!!

I couldn’t sleep well in my flight from Argentina to Madrid and I was exhausted. Before leaving Argentina I was checking some VIP lounges online until I bumped into PREMIUM TRAVELLER  . I thought: – That’s it. I’ve found my salvation from my 12 painful hours stop. Bye, bye to bad smells, goodbye to sleeping on a rigid and pretty uncomfortable airport chair, goodbye to opening my eyes every 10 minutes to check if I still have all my belongings with me.- But, immediately, the second thought came to me (as usual ha): -mmm, hang on Carolina, stop dreaming, how much this will cost?-.

You will find the answer to this question and anything you need to know about Premium Traveller in this post.

All the information I will give here is about my experience regarding the Air Rooms and the Air Rooms at the airport of Barajas in Madrid, Spain. There are more choices and of course different prices in the ones of other countries.

Premium Traveller is a brand that offers services to passengers in more than 30 airports around the world. These are services for the confort of the passengers.

The services they offer are pretty varied. The one I tried was the Air Rooms.

What is an Air Room?

An Air Room is a room that you rent at a sort of hotel inside the airport. You don’t need to leave the airport.

 It is important that you understand that you don’t have to go outside the airport to access this service. The place is not next to the airport nor in the area of the airport. Premium Traveller is inside the airport as any other stores.

You can either pay to stay the night or you can pay to use the room for some hours. The minimum of hours you can pay is three and the maximum is six.

The hotel of the Barajas Airport in Madrid hosts 22 rooms.

The rooms include:

Free Wi fi connection only at reception,

flat screen tv,

courtesy mini-bar beverages,

safe box,

air conditioning,



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a beautiful bathroom with shower and a toiletry accessories kit (this is really nice, tooth brush and tooth paste, comb, shaver, etc) amongst others.

24 hours reception with the possibility to ask for the wake up call (you let them know at what time you want to be called so to wake up).

They also have some additional services that you can check here.

I rented the room for the night. The room is really big and comfortable. The bathroom is big too and it has everything you need to get ready for your next flight. Even if you left some things you need for cleaning up in your checked in luggage you can use the kit they provide for you.

BREAKFAST: you can pay for the room with breakfast included or just leave it for later on and pay once you want to have it. They provide breakfast for you for EUR 7. It is really complete. You will find juices, all types of pastries, yogurt and fruits amongst others.

Picture property of Premium Traveller all rights reserved.

What types of rooms do they offer?

You can choose between two types of Air Rooms at Barajas’Airport in Madrid: the standard one and the executive one.

They are both really similar. The standard has 22 m² while the executive has 25m². As regards the services they provide, with the rent of the executive room, you can pay to get wifi in your room while with the rent of the standard one you can only access wi fi at the reception. With the executive one you can choose between a room with one or two beds while in the standard one you always get two beds.

Check in is from 2 pm onwards and check out is until  12 pm.

How much do they cost?

Air Rooms at Barajas’ Airport.

You can pay online  and at the hotel with either credit cards, VISA, Mastercard or American Express. Check for debit cards.

You can book online  HERE  or you can go straight away to the place and do the booking there.

Payment is per  night not per person.

The Air Rooms are available at Barajas Airport in Madrid, Spain and El Prat Airpot in Barcelona, Spain.

Premium Traveller opens 24 hours, during the whole year.

PREMIUM AIR SHOWERS. Take a shower and go and get on your flight.

For all of you who only want to have a shower and be ready and fresh for your next flight PT offers you the Air Shower service. I think this is great because it is not only one of the cheapest services they have but practical and great for the frequent traveler.

Shower + breakfast cost EUR 45 and you can use the shower for up to 30 minutes. This service includes a shower kit with towels, slippers, shampoo and shower gel. This is available from 7 am to 7 pm.

Where is PT located?

Honestly, it was a little difficult for me to find it but I finally did. If you ask airport staff about PT don’t ask for Premium Traveller, ask for the airport’s hotel. Apparently, nobody knows it as Premium Traveller.

It is located at Terminal 4, Floor -1 area, close to the access to the Underground station and RENFE train service.

Other services

This brand also offers:

Air Lounges, regular lounges where you can have food magazines,etc.

Premium Fast Pass: they assist you with anything you need before getting to your flight. With this service you avoid queues.

Premium Air Meetings: for business women or men that need a room for meetings.

Premium Air Showers: the air showers I told you about before.

Premium Air Wellness: gym, spa and hairdresser services.

For more information go to Premium Traveller’s web page

Without any doubt, Premium Traveller offers passengers a services that transport you to your home for some time and makes you forget where you are. It makes you forget about the noise and the discomfort of the airport. Premium Traveller is a different world inside the airport. It is the confort and the care that all passenger needs in a trip with a lot of stops, a lot of discomfort and endless flights.

All the information presented in this post is according to my experience and is up to the publishing date.

With love, from one traveller to you.


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