22nd of April: Earth Day

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Today we celebrate the international and well known Earth Day but when I think about it a thought crosses my mind: what does this day really mean to us? To all of us but mainly to travelers like us? To all of you who have been blown away by the wonders that our planet has; to all of you who have left thoughts and memories in more than one corner of this world; to all of you who have lived through the stories the earth tells us.  What does this day mean to you?

For me it means taking one step back for one moment and thinking about the impact that my actions have on this planet, which is the print I am leaving? Which are the consequences of my lifestyle?

I have always had this sort of duality in me and it was only in the past few years that it started flourishing and showing itself more and more. Maybe because I grew up and became more mature but also because I became more aware of many things I couldn’t even see before.

On one side I always payed attention to how I was growing as a person, being good to others, being happy and making others happy too. On the other side, I always felt that there was something missing, that there was one part of myself that was not growing because I was not contributing to anything positive for my planet, the planet that is my house. This planet which we have lost all connection with. For me this connection with the earth goes beyond  my traveling. It is  kind of an harmonious unity. After all we are together life and nature, right?

Because these thoughts and feelings wouldn’t let go of me, I decided that I wanted a change in my life. I decided to live my life doing as less harm as possible to the planet and all the beings that live on it. By doing anything that I can from my place in earth and doing whatever possible . Not only thinking about something like “I am good”, “I recycle” . “I don’t litter the public lane” and that’s it. But having real awareness and dimension of my daily actions and its consequences.

Yes, we live in such an inadvertently way that we don’t notice the impact and the true meaning of our actions.

On this Earth Day let’s take a moment to think about our lifestyle and our actions.

What does this mean?

This means thinking about the contributions that we would like to bring to our planet and in which way we want to impact the planet; in which way we want our lives to impact the planet.

And yes, it is inside of us, the goodness and kindness, don’t think it is not there. We are born pure and in the way, we become indifferent to those things we take for granted.

Think about the attention you give to the influence that you have on the lives of the people you love the most. You always try to do so in a positive way so not to harm them because you care about them and they are vital and important in your life, right?Then, why not thinking about the planet in the same way? Isn’t it as important?  Which is the impact we want to have on it?

I know most of you may be thinking, “I don’t care about how damaged the planet gets, I won’t be there to see it” or, “even if I change, the society and the people won’t”. And you know what? No, maybe you won’t be there to see the planet fall apart or maybe your change won’t affect all the society but is this how you want to live?  Is this how WE want to live? Is this what we are? Mere beings just passing by this planet, taking all the wonderful things it has to offer but not giving anything back?

There is an amazing author that I love and she says: “May your daily choices be a reflection of your deepest values.” Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

Sometimes we think we have good values, those we love to talk about and the ones we are proud of but are they really manifest in our daily actions? And if they are not so, are they even there iIN us?

There are thousands of ways we can improve our impact on the planet and ways in which we can contribute to a more sustainable, clean and healthy world to live in, happy and in its fullness.

Don’t think about being perfect by doing so, just think of doing small or big (if you like) changes and mostly, think about DOING SOMETHING good for this cause. Something that reflects who you really are and which are your true values.

Some change of habits you can include in your life, some eco friendly ideas are:

*Buy less plastic. Choose glass containers instead of plastic ones at the supermarket.

*Recycle at home and compost the organic waste.

*Eat less meat and animal products. Include more fruits, veggies, mushrooms seeds and legumes in your diet instead.

*Walk more or use ecofriendly transports or public transport.

*Take care of water. Don’t leave water running just because your forgot some dirty dishes on the table and went to pick them up.

*Take your cloth bag to the supermarket to buy your produce instead of using the plastic ones the supermarket provides.

*Plant a tree.

*Reduce the use of disposables.

*Refill your glass or aluminum bottle instead of buying plastic ones.

*Take part of eco friendly community projects.

Image: property of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Let’s our daily actions make us proud.

Let’s act in all awareness, knowing that our choices are the reflection of our deepests values as Colleen says. Because living without being conscious about the meaning of our actions and life choices makes no sense. Let’s make that connection with the earth and let’s do the same connection with ourselves through introspection and through the recognition of our actions.

After all what is that we look for when we travel? Isn’t it a connection?

With love, from one traveler to you.


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